Mightier 1.2

Design your own puzzles in this creative platform game


  • Very original
  • Creative challenges
  • Works with scanner, webcam or on-screen editor


  • A bit too simple
  • Gets repetitive


No matter what you favorite videogame genre is, you've probably played a platformer at any point in your gaming career. But I'm sure you haven't seen anything like Mightier.

Mightier is an original platform game in which you design and create your own levels. This means that you can actually play the game as two characters: the engineer who designs the puzzles, and the explorer ('actionaut', in Mightier's jargon) that solves them and collects all the items on each level.

Designing Mightier levels is really easy. If you're skilful enough you can draw them directly on the screen with your mouse; but if you prefer more traditional methods, you can draw the puzzle on a piece of paper and then scan it (either with a scanner or a webcam) to open it with the game.

Mightier is certainly different from anything we've seen so far. I personally think it's a great game for children, because it challenges them with creative tasks. Unfortunately it tends to get repetitive and a bit boring in the end.

Mightier is an original platform game in which you have to design your own levels.



Mightier 1.2

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